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Blunt Instruments



first performance: November 25, 2000.

venue: St. Paul's Hall, Huddersfield

performer(s): Ensemble 10:10, conductor Clark Rundell

scoring: picc.corA.bcl.dbn-,sm)/BD-harp-pft- strings(

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programme note:

Blunt Instruments is a continuation of some of the ideas which have preoccupied my recent instrumental music. There is much camouflage and subterfuge in the orchestration, with sounds blending into each other, often creating hybrid sonorities. Throughout, sounds and textures are as important to the musical fabric as thematic and melodic elements, and likewise they hold structural significance. In some respects, this piece is the 'Mr. Hyde' to an earlier work, Broken Instruments. In that piece, the general mood was somewhat delicate and fragile. Blunt Instruments, while having its moments of repose, is much more boisterous and hard-edged- hence the title.

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